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Italian customers visit Jiarun Factory


           Jiarun Company founded in 1997.At present ,Our moulds ,motor core and metal parts has been to export a lots of countries,Like Gemany,,Italy,France,America,Japan,India,etc.

           Currenctly,Our Italian Customers came to our factory for their mould ,this is our first time to cooporate ,they turst us,even no visit us before place an order.and proof by facts,We deserve to be trusted,after inspecation,they are very satisified with the mould. Why did they choose us?Because Jiarun Company specialized in Motor Industry for 20 years,that means we have rich experience.whatever the proposal which you request,we will go all out to cooperate and give some our advice,except rich experience and good service,Jiaruh has many excellent equipments, and most of them are  introduced from Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland.

          On the other hand,We are a national high-tech enterprise and obtained ISO9001:2008  quality system  certification,So that you can rest assured the quality,We are very greet everyone who interested in our products to visit our factory,Just contact us (leo@szjiarun.com)and Looking forward to meet you.



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