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φ180 new energy vehicle motor rotor stator core


motor rotor stator core used for car, vehicle

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Product details:

Item Name:  new energy vehicle motor rotor stator core

Mould Type: single row or double row or triple row progressive stamping mould

Mould Material: Carbide Steel

Product Material: Silicon Steel

Cavity: 1,2, 5,….depends on your application

Application: home appliance, electronic hardware, auto parts, hardware

Mould Lead Time: 30 to 50 days

Stator Rotor Lead Time: 10-25 working days

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Payment term: L/C, T/T

Package: wooden case

Finish: polishing, heat treatment, TD coating, electroplating, chrome coated, painting, zinc-plating etc

Equipments: CNC machining center, EDM, WEDM, WEDM-HS, linear cutting machine, radial drill,   sawing machine, grinding machine, milling machine, lathe, punch, Rockwell-hardness-tester, projector, Dial Calipers, slide Calipers etc

Company information:

Shenzhen Jiarun Precision Science&Technology Co. Ltd is a progressional mould, motor core rotor stator manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. The mould  we produce which can meet the demands if single sheet, automatic stacking, rotary 30-180 degree, pieces stacking etc.  and we lead the way to design hydraulic system, automatic rolling mould of DC motor. In recent years, new energy vehicle motor which is our new research. and we are good at manufacturing mould of metal deep drawn parts, motor housing, motor metal bracket, metal terminal parts etc.

We have some advanced machines from Switzerland. Japan and Taiwan. Such as, trilinear coordinates measuring instrument. Sodick. CHMER.etc. and own  an excellent team. It guarantees the quality and precision.

Motor stator and rotor Stampings

We can manufacture laminations in all grades of electrical steel including fully or semi processed steel in the form of Stators & Rotors, Field & Armatures in loose as well as Interlocked & Auto Skewed Cores, AC/DC motor stator and rotor, induction motor stator, brushless motor stator and rotor, stepper motor stator and rotor, SR motor stator and rotor, PM motor stator and rotor, universinal motor stator and rotor, etc

Die stamping

We have in house Pressure Die stamping Facilities for the process of stamping stator and rotor.

Tool Room

We have a fully equipped tool room for support of the Press shop & Die stamping Shop.

Our precision engineered products and advanced manufacturing practices gives us a cutting edge over our competitors.

Our main product

1.brushless motor stator and rotor  2.brushed motor stator and rotor 3.vibration motor stator and rotor  4.induction motor stator and rotor 5.SR motor stator and rotor 6.PM motor stator and rotor  7.DC motor stator and rotor 8.universal motor stator and rotor  9.BLDC motor stator and rotor  10.AC motor stator and rotor  11.stepper motor stator and rotor 12.induction motor stator and rotor  13.shaded pole motor stator and rotor 14.capacitor motor stator and rotor 15.pump motor stator and rotor  16.Motor bracket 17.Motor cover 18.Motor stamping part 19.Wounding stator and rotor


Automotive, electric appliance, coffee bean grinder motor; Bathtub massaging machines motor; vacuum cleaners motor; Electric screwdrivers motor; Angle drills motor; blenders motor; mixers motor; slicers motor; electric knives motor; soybean grindersmotor; hairdryersmotor; air pumps motor; shredders motor lift motor; hospital beds motor, accumulator cars motor, shredders motor, massagers motor

the progressive die main advantage as below

1. it belongs to high-speed stamping tool.

2. it have high-efficiency and high-output.

3. the life span of die not less than one hundred million stamping times.

4. the process cost is very lower than single punch die.

5. it can be completed automatic stacks of single sheet.

6. it will can be saved the raw material .

About our product features

1. All punch chip use tungsten steel to stamping, The comprehensive service life span of the tool is not less than ten million stamping times. Tungsten steel edge should be grinded within 2 million stampings per time. but any details according to customer reuquires.

2. All price will precision count by my engineer and provide a competitive price for my customer. let all product have good value for money.

3. Consider to convenience,it's simple assembly to our mould.and lower cost for maintenance, special after-sales service and  regular maintenance and  grind punch chip.

4. We have a experienced design and manufacture team. and it's important to each details for us. we very care the finally and key requires. the good quality and warm service always  promise and  practice to my customers. meanwhile, we won the  affirmation and trust of them.

5. We can provide design drawings 2D and 3D files to my customers. and technology support.

6. We have complete test system and instrument. and Issued quality inspection sheet by Jiarun Quality inspection department.

7. As to the problem in the tooling manufacture process. main department will  organize discussion and solution.

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